Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 1 – Introduction: The Why and the What

Recently, I discovered an ensemble local to me that I had never heard of. It is a classical music ensemble that’s been around for many years, and I was shocked that, as a professional musician myself, I was unaware of its existence. Somehow, the marketing never reached me, even though I am a target audience member – someone who loves classical music, and even performs it. I might even be a great person to collaborate with.

From there, I became acutely aware that most people are more knowledgeable about the musicians they hear on the radio or internet than they are of the musician who lives down the street, whose name they might not even know. This is despite of the real contribution that local musicians bring to their communities. I think that work just doesn’t get enough attention.

Some newspapers, including the largest one in my state, have started to eliminate Arts sections, so the ability for musicians to highlight their work in a traditional manner is diminishing. I considered how I could help get the word out about the work musicians do, and the value that it brings to their communities. Thus, The Musicking Community Podcast was born.

The Musicking Community Podcast explores and celebrates the role of music and musicians in communities, wherever they might be!

This introductory episode answers these questions:

  • What is “musicking?”
  • What is musicking in community?
  • What can we expect from the episodes?

Please keep in touch and let us know how we’re doing! And if you are a musician, ensemble, or organization that would like to share your project with us, or if you are a fan who would like to suggest one, click on the button below!

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