Previous Podcast Guests

Find guests who have been on The Musicking Podcast, listed in alphabetical order. You will find links to their websites and to the episode(s) on which they were interviewed.

Heather Niemi Savage

Host of The Musicking Community

Composer, Collaborative Pianist, Music Teacher

Kathy Monroe

Founder and director of the Westminster Youth String Ensemble in Westerly, RI.

Barbara K. Holm

Flutist and composer outside of Minneapolis, MN. Founder of The Legacy Ensemble.

Ed Sweeney

Rhode Island-based multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger and recording artist.

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay

Flutist, educator, coach, podcast host of Flute 360 and co-host The Pivoting Musician.

Dr. Garrett Hope

Award-winning composer, speaker, money coach, and host of The Portfolio Composer.

Ann Johnson

Songwriter, pianist, lyricist, composer, and founder/director of Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters.

Marvin Rosen

Musicologist, piano teacher, music history teacher, host of Classical Discoveries.

Aaron Abrahamson Cote

Steel pan player, composer, recording artist

Jennet Ingle

Oboist, teacher, career coach, and author of The Happiest Musician.

“Legacy” – Judy Gray Hall and John Savage

Providing entertaining and meaningful live music experiences in senior venues and other settings.

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