Episode 11: Versatility is the Name of the Game

Episode 11: Versatility is the Name of the Game

Judy Hall Gray & John Savage
“Senior Venue” performance specialists

As “Senior Venue” performance specialists, Judy Hall Gray and John Savage perform at nursing homes, memory care units, assisted living homes and other long-term care facilities. They share poignant and funny stories about how music can provide powerful and meaningful experiences for those living in the facilities and build community among those who are often cut off from most of the larger community beyond the walls.

Topics in this episode include:

  • The types of musical services that can be provided in long-term care facilities
  • Getting put on the spot
  • Working around COVID restrictions
  • Providing connection during a time of isolation
  • Theme shows
  • Bob Dylan, Elvis, and The Grateful Dead
  • Popular music defines generations
  • The importance of lifting spirits
  • Music provides both escape and connection
  • Meeting the needs of the facility and the people who live there
  • Having a gimmick
  • How music can provide a very personal connection
  • Giving the gift of live music to people who cannot leave their beds
  • Versatility and variety are necessary
  • You never know what you’re going to get
  • Breaking past the wall
  • Letting people know they are seen
  • How music contributes to the health of a community

Judy Hall Gray, “Songbird” Judy (guitar/vocals), has virtually been singing since she learned to talk, thanks to her mother playing records daily on the family stereo.  She has performed over the years in various bands and clubs in South Florida, Connecticut and Rhode Island and has been performing professionally for over 35 years in Senior care facilities where she is a popular favorite. Her programs can be a complete variety or tailored to specific themes (Patriotic, Irish, Country/Western, Christian/Hymns, Christmas, Show Tunes, Seasons, etc.).  Some themes are costumed.   She is available weekdays (morning, afternoon or evening) and occasionally on weekends for special occasions. Oldies (50’s, 60’s, 70’s) programs are also available for the duo “Legacy” consisting of Judy and her music partner John Savage (also on guitar and vocals).  Judy and John have worked together since 2019 and have a wide repertoire of great songs for your enjoyment!

John Savage is a lifelong musician with an expansive range of influences. He studied classical guitar with Daniel Salazar at the University of Rhode Island, and he also honed his chops in rock bands, jazz bands, orchestra pits, and in solo performances. He performs with singer/guitarist Judy Hall Gray as the duo “Legacy,” and he performs as a solo artist in Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities throughout Rhode Island and Southern Connecticut.  He also serves as the Pastor of the Carolina Free Baptist Church in Carolina, RI.  He and his wife Heather live in Wood River Junction, and they have raised two children together. 

To book Judy and/or John, you can contact them by phone:

Judy Hall Gray: (401)742-5575

John Savage: (401)489-4656

You can also find Judy on Facebook here: Songbird Judy Hall | Facebook

2 responses to “Episode 11: Versatility is the Name of the Game”

  1. Valerie Noel Perry Avatar
    Valerie Noel Perry

    Breaking past the wall … very astute


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