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Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 1: Host Heather Niemi Savage introduces the podcast and explains the why and the what, answering these questions: What is “musicking”, What is musicking in community, and What can we expect from the episodes?

Episode 2: Multigenerational Musicking

Episode 2: Kathy Monroe, founder and director of the Westminster Youth String Ensemble shares her ideas on how to develop relationships within the ensemble and with the larger community.

Episode 3: Community Ensembles Nurture Musicians

Episode 3: Barbara Keenan Holm, a flutist and composer based outside Minneapolis, MN talks about how community music has been a part of her life, inspiring her as a young musician, helping her hone her skills, and giving her an opportunity to collaborate with ensembles as a composer.

Episode 4: Setting Music in a Cultural and Historical Context

Episode 4: Ed Sweeney, Rhode Island-based multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger and recording artist who has worked with musicians from all over the world, talks about his project “Music from the times of Stephen Foster to Mark Twain” and how community music helps to set music in a cultural and historical context and helps the audience members to connect with their collective cultural heritage.

Episode 5: Dr. Heidi Kay Begay and Dr. Garrett Hope share how they left the path of academia and pivoted into “musicpreneurship” starting their own music businesses serving their communities. Heidi is a flutist, educator, coach, and podcast host of Flute 360. Garrett Hope is an award-winning composer, business coach, and host of The Portfolio Composer. In this episode, they share about the upcoming Ultimate Music Business Summit in January 2023 and how it can help local musicians kickstart or grow their music careers.

Episode 6: Supporting Local Songwriters

Episode 6: Ann Johnson, founder and director of Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters in Washington State shares her ideas, insights and strategies for helping new songwriters find their way and develop a career.

Episode 7: Living Composer Are Our Future

Episode 7: Marvin Rosen, host of the radio program Classical Discoveries, on WPRB 103.3FM out of Princeton, NJ and streamed online at WPRB.com, has been on the air for 25 years. He is an ardent supporter and promoter of NEW classical music. He shares his passion for new music and for growing the global community by encouraging a simple act of love: listening.

Episode 8: The Musical World is a Cultural Melting Pot, Part 1

Episode 8: Aaron Abrahamson Cote is a Rhode Island-based steel pan player. He considers himself a cultural ambassador who has the privilege of representing a culture that is not his own. He talks about the responsibility he has to represent his adopted culture with deep respect, care, and accuracy, as well as the relationships he has formed over the years with people all over the world. In addition to talking about steel pan and Caribbean music, we talked about a whole lot of other things as well. In fact, we had so much fun talking the conversation needed to be split into two episodes! Part 2 will come out in two weeks. Artwork credit: Jon Bravo of Ska Illustrated.

Episode 9: The Musical World is a Cultural Melting Pot, Part 2

Episode 9: Aaron Abrahamson Cote is a Rhode Island-based steel pan player who considers himself a cultural ambassador with the privilege of representing a culture that is not his own. This episode is part 2 of my conversation with Aaron. He talks about the fascinating history and development of the steel pan and how the recent release of steel pan samples is affecting his work. Artwork credit: Jon Brave of Ska Illustrated.

Episode 10:
The Portfolio Career –
You Do You

Episode 10: Jennet Ingle, oboist, teacher, coach, and author of The Happiest Musician talks about her book which can help you create a Portfolio Career that is right for you, based on your values, your time, your skill, and your needs. Right where you are, in your own community. Stop running on the hamster wheel version of a musical career, exhausting yourself by continually seeking approval from the gatekeepers of traditional pathways, never knowing exactly what the committee is looking for, or getting stuck in low-paying gigs or teaching situations!

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