Episode 6: Supporting Local Songwriters

Episode 6: Supporting Local Songwriters

Awards Night with the Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters

Have you ever thought about what it takes to get a song onto the radio? Have you ever wanted to start or join a local songwriter’s group?

In this episode, I speak with Ann Johnson, founder and director of Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters, about her work in Washington State. Although the songwriters she works with are writing Christian songs, her insights, ideas, and strategies on how she runs the group can be applied in any situation, in any locale. Ann’s work has met a need in her community, helping new songwriters find their way and develop a career. As she puts it, she has found her niche.

Topics in this episode include:

  • How to start a songwriter’s group
  • The support songwriters need most
  • The process from song to album to pitching to a producer/publisher
  • Building community through concerts
  • Celebrating achievements with awards
  • Helping new songwriters believe in themselves and their work
  • Collaborating with others to perform and record songs

Ann Johnson is a songwriter, pianist, lyricist and composer. In addition to composing her own music, Ann helps other musicians and Christian songwriters through Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters, an organization she started in Seattle in 2014.  Ann has been involved in worship teams since she was a teen and finds great joy and satisfaction helping other musicians and songwriters achieve the music career they have always wanted.  Ann still finds time to compose her own music and is currently producing three albums of her own: A Hymn For All Seasons; A Tribute to Isaac Watts,  On A Night Like This (Christmas album), and His Love Is Our Song (worship and praise).  She is also working on an opera, Ruth and Boaz. Ann lives in Vancouver Washington with her husband Michael, a master electrician. She is a member of IEBA, GMA, OFA, WSFA, CFAMC, and NSAI.

You can reach Ann through the following avenues:

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