Episode 3 – Community Ensembles Nurture Musicians

Episode 2: Community Ensembles Nurture Musicians: An Interview with composer and flutist, Barbara Holm

Barbara K. Holm, composer and flutist

Barbara K. Holm is a composer and flutist based in Minneapolis, MN.  She received a Master of Music degree in Flute Performance from The Boston Conservatory in 1990 and began composition studies with Dr. Larry Bell of Boston. After moving back to Minnesota, she studied with Chris Granias at the MacPhail School of Music in Minneapolis and later with Carol Barnett and Zacc Harris. She continues to be an active composer, arranger, and performer in many ensembles, which have included The Metropolitan Wind Symphony of Boston, The St. Paul Civic Symphony, The Highland Park Trio, and The Legacy Ensemble. Her philosophy of music is that a composition should offer a meaningful experience to both the performer and the listener.

In this podcast, Barb shares her story about how community ensembles have contributed to her growth as a musician, both as a flutist and a composer. When she was young, her mother took her to concerts performed by local ensembles, which inspired her. Later, community ensembles provided Barb a place to hone her skills. Community ensembles have also provided an opportunity for collaboration in compositional projects.

Topics in this episode include:

  • How community music ensembles provide opportunities for adults
  • Connecting children to music, dance, drama, and visual art
  • Collaborating with non-musical arts organizations
  • The wide variety of opportunities to be involved in community musicking
  • How ensembles can support composers
  • How a community can show support for local ensembles
  • How ensembles can partner with schools and churches to meet needs in a community
  • The difference live music brings to an event
  • How music is a sharing experience

Barbara K. Holm can be found at the following links:

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