Episode 2 – Multigenerational Musicking

Episode 2 – Multigenerational Musicking: An Interview with Kathy Monroe, founder and director of Westminster Youth String Ensemble

Kathy Monroe with her mentees, Nathaniel Savage (L) and John Castore (R)

Kathy Monroe is the founder and director of the Westminster Youth String Ensemble (WYSE) and has been working with young string players for over twenty years. Her love is for people, not just for music, and her joy emanates to all who know her. Her passion for investing in others has led to many great ideas on how to build and unite a community through music.

Topics in this episode include:

  • Giving children a voice in decision making
  • Building relationships within the ensemble
  • Developing a mentorship program
  • Creating connections between children and senior citizens
  • Supporting other local arts organizations
  • Working with the local Chamber of Commerce

Westminster Strings can be found at the following links:

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