Episode 5: Musicpreneurship and the Local Musician

Episode 5: Musicpreneurship and the Local Musician

In this episode, I talk with Heidi Kay Begay and Garrett Hope, organizers and hosts of the Ultimate Music Business Summit, the online conference where musicians can learn business skills to take charge of their careers, network with other musicians, and gain momentum to pivot into entrepreneurship. Heidi and Garrett share their stories about why they moved away from the path of academia and moved into becoming “musicpreneurs,” serving their communities through music. They talk about the upcoming conference, and I share my own experience of how UMBS has impacted my career. The next UMBS summit will be held January 5-7, 2023.

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay is passionate about guiding the modern-day musician to find their unique voice and a life they love on and off the stage. Heidi is the owner of two thriving companies, which include J&K Media Productions and Flute 360. Through her entrepreneurial portfolio, she wears many different hats, which include being an educator, flutist, coach, and podcaster. Heidi’s first podcast, Flute 360, has received over 100,000 downloads since 2018 and has served flutists worldwide through its 225+ episodes. She also co-hosts The Pivoting Musician with her colleague, Dr. Garrett Hope. Heidi also offers coaching and three courses: The Pivoting Musician, The Podcasting Musician, and Generating Income as a Podcaster Through Corporate Sponsorship.

Dr. Garrett Hope is an award-winning composer, speaker, and money coach. His focus is on helping people change their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about money. Since money is the most taboo topic we have in our culture, and since everyone learned about it at a very young age, money beliefs often affect people negatively. His mission is to change that. In 2020, he delivered a TEDx talk on how music, and the arts, can make science more accessible and engaging for general audiences. From 2005-2009 he taught at a variety of colleges and universities in Colorado, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania. Currently, he travels the country (and over Zoom) speaking to audiences of all sizes, helping them to think business-ly and put systems in place. Garrett holds degrees from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, the University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado Christian University. He is a native of Colorado but currently resides in Nebraska with his wife and daughter.

Topics in this episode include:

  • The value music brings to a community
  • The value of musicians
  • Musicians deserve and need a good income
  • The necessity of building business skills as a musician
  • How the UMBS can help musicians kick-start or grow their music businesses

Tickets to the Ultimate Music Business Summit can be found at musicsummit.biz

Enter your email address for a chance to win a FREE ticket to the UMBS Jan 5-7, 2023. Two lucky winners will be drawn on Dec. 31, 2022.

Garrett and Heidi can be found at the following links:



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